What is sustainability? It is a global philosophy that combines the evolution of lifestyle in accordance with the environment that surrounds us through recycling and the reuse of raw materials that our planet offers us. The water purification methods that our customers adopt in their own companies are their gesture towards a sustainable future. The choice of environmentally compatible materials is ours. TC Turrini Claudio proudly bases its business roots in the metalworking industry, because no one can be more aware of their properties and qualities than those who have been working directly with the raw material for over thirty years. For this reason TC Turrini Claudio bases its environmental policy, during the machinery manufacturing and assembly phase, on the use of prime, certified stainless steel purchased directly from the primary European steel manufacturer, which guarantees its quality. Stainless steel is a 100% recyclable material that is corrosion resistant, durable and sanitary.

The environmental impact resulting from its use is virtually non-existent.
Stainless steel also has an enviable environmental record:
- It economizes the use of primary energy
- It saves non-renewable environmental resources
- It reduces waste

At the end of their useful life, stainless steel items and machinery are systematically separated and recovered to be inserted in the recycling process. This process does not require financial input, it supplies itself automatically. Today stainless steel recycling is an especially profitable activity. This is simply due to the fact that this material contains other precious raw materials (chrome, nickel, molybdenum) that make recycling it economically advantageous. Actually, disposing of stainless steel in a landfill is a huge waste of money.

Stainless steel does not wear away; it continues to be part of a closed circuit sustainable system. Plus, unlike other materials produced using technology, stainless steel is recycled without undergoing any deterioration, maintaining its original qualities.
Stainless steel is a fundamental part of TC Turrini Claudio machinery. Not only is it resistant to rust and stains as well as being completely recyclable, it is also an extremely sturdy material and is capable of insuring high sanitary standards. In fact, that is why it is used in industrial kitchens and restaurants, where used in contact with food. For this reason, TC Turrini Claudio produces its machinery, silos and components in prime AISI 304 stainless steel. When used for water with high saline concentrations inside the laboratory, the company offers AISI 316 as an alternative, since it is resistant to saline corrosion. In short, those who choose stainless steel not only obtain a product with elevated mechanical properties, they also help and support the protection of our natural resources and the future of our planet.

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