DEP 800 QC

Tc Turrini

The DEP 800QC takes advantage of its square structural form, optimizing space and capacity, maintaining a flow rate of 800 L/min also in contained heights. Our company is able to offer different sludge disposal solutions, from filter bag system (DSM) to a filter press system (FP), depending on customer requirements. Based on the industry where it is used, it may be provided with a flocculent station (stone, ceramic, cement).

A DEP 800QC LAYOUT for the glass company, without the flocculent station.

Tc Turrini
1 Wastewater tank
2 Submersible pump
3 Coagulant pump
4 PH control station
5 Decanter
6 Sludge discharge
7 2DSM sludge dehydrator
8 Filtering bag
9 Clear water pumps group
10 Electric Control Panel

TC Turrini TC Turrini


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